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Drilling Machine

Top 3 Drilling Machines on Amazon


Do you have a ton of upcoming fall projects looming ahead and need a power drill? Not sure what to get?

There’s a lot of clutter out there on Amazon, but if you are going to find a drill, there are a few essential things to remember before your purchase.

These are;

  • Determine how often you will need the drill.
  • Determine the power you’ll need, what amount of voltage you will require.
  • Will it be a kit purchase or a single drill buy?

Find the right time to buy a drill. Black Friday is perfect for steals, and great deals online or in the brick and mortar stores.

Alright, now that we have gotten that out of the way—let’s take a look at three drills, that have circulated on Amazon and have become three of better drilling machines out there for you to buy.

Busch 18V Four Tool Combo Kit:

This drill and the tool kit that comes with, it’s compacted and blue. Perfect for a plethora of activities around the house.

You truly get the whole gang with the Busch four tool combo kit. Included is a 18V charger that gives you convenience from the get-go. Belt clips to place your tools securely and close by. You get an 18 4Ah flat-pack battery. If you need work around the garage or perhaps something entailing an angular cut, a Circular Saw is included the kit. Topping off the kit is the impact driver, giving you the added power needed to drill in stubborn screws.

The Busch drill is operated an electric motor and offers cell protections which will reduce overheating and overloading. A Lockjaw blade change system makes it easy to change out with one hand quick and simple.

Feels great in your hand as it is ergonomically built.

When you are done for the day, just place everything in the handy carrying bag that comes with the kit. All of this is protected under a limited one year warranty, and if you go for their “ProAdvantage” plan, you can extend out all the way up to three years.

This drill and combo kit is more a seasoned worker but can be utilized by beginners as it easy and compact to use.

Product Link:

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill:

If you are looking for a cordless drill, then Dewalt is the one. As one of the major leaders in automatic tools, Dewalt delivers you a drill that can get up in tight spots, while going easy on your upper body, as it lightweight.

Dewalt always comes with a high performance motor, has a high speed transmission delivering you the option of two speeds. Get a full range, and versatility on the job.

Dewalt is ergonomically correct, extremely comfortable, and yet firm. Drill bit is held in place with the half inch sleeve ratcheting chuck allowing you to experience a tight but strong holding strength.

You are protected by a three year limited warrant, which is a nice piece of mind to have when you use the drill daily. 300 watts of power with the 20 volts giving you a nice jolting kick to your drilling endeavors. Affordable and durable, perfect for everyone.

Product link:

Black and Decker LDX120C 20 Volt Cordless Drill:

The Black and Decker Cordless Drill is run on 20V powered by a maximum lithium ion battery. Light, more compact, with no memory, giving you a longer lasting drill experience.

Perfect for around the home and small jobs. Orange and Black body, ergonomically aligned to fit your hands in the most healthy fashion.

You get variable speeds to fit your comfort levels and flexibility for various job performances. It has 11 position clutch that’ll give you far more control than the standard drill.

You have 650 RPM’s for speed, and a generous two year warranty.

While this is great for beginners, it can be utilized by pro’s too, but it isn’t ideal for a job that requires incessant drilling as you will have to change out the battery often. Battery life is one hour.

Product link:


Amazon has a lot of great buys, and if you purchase a drill during the right season, you could end up saving a boat load of money. These drills are great for all levels. I would recommend either the Black and Decker or Dewalt for those performing lighter duty jobs, and jobs around the house, due to their ability to get into snug spots.

That said, you can’t go wrong the Busch kit, because of the versatility in the combo kit. Great buys, and if you can afford the combo kit, you’ll save yourself the time and money down the road from buying another drill.

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